Attract, Manifest, Prepare!

Create the Business of Your Dreams!!!

More and more female entrepreneurs are recognizing that they have the power to attract what it is they want and not only in business - but in ALL aspects of their lives. But even with this exciting realization, many entrepreneurs can quickly feel overwhelmed, confused and completely inept.  

But we know all these things are simply limiting beliefs that we must destroy and replace. Success does not accidentally find people. It takes intentional planning and inspired action for it to come.  

The Attract, Manifest, Repeat! Retreat in April 2019 is purposely designed to give you the tools you need to create the business and life you desire and deserve - from business funding to contract templates; perfecting your pitch to personal fitness - the retreat is packed with content, and facilitated by top-notch experts. But, if your mind isn't ready, none of this will matter.  

So, what do you need to get your mind ready?


I can't tell you how many times I've jumped head-first and unprepared into, what should have been, absolutely wonderful opportunities. Each time, the opportunity was wasted because the proper foundation had not been constructed to adequately prepare me. I had to learn the hard way that, before you can attract what you desire and manifest what you need, first you have to properly prepare!  

You get that? Of course you do which is why you are here. 

My name is Crystal Rodriguez and I am an Attorney and Life/Business Balance Coach. I have helped hundreds of entrepreneurs structure and build their business, protect their assets and prepare for the life they've dreamed about and worked so hard to achieve. But what about the business owners that can't outright retain me?  

This retreat is for them!  

I've created this retreat so that those who can't afford to retain me for this type of one-on-one service have the opportunity to grow.  

It is because of my excitement for this opportunity that I want to help prepare you - not solely for the retreat but also for the awesome New Year coming.  


* Felt like you absolutely knew what you wanted in your life, family and career only to realize that perhaps your ideas are not as defined as you thought?  

* Gotten excited about your ideas and then, over time, have them begin to feel scattered in your mind and overwhelmingly disorganized?  

* Felt lost because you didn't know where to turn, even though you knew your ideas were awesome?  

I know.  

I too have been there. 

And that's exactly why I've spent many months looking through years of my own notes and journals as was trying to find my own way. I developed this challenge to help you PREPARE. 

Sign up for the ATTRACT, MANIFEST...PREPARE 28 Day Challenge today!!!

Welcome to the AMR PREPARE 28 Day Challenge!!

Over the course of 28 days, the Attract, Manifest, PREPARE! challenge will:  

* Get you motivated and focused on exactly what it is you need to build, or continue building, the business and life of your dreams; * Help you organize and structure your goals; * Develop Accountability; * Hone in on your expert unique niche; and, * Prepare you for the AMR Retreat - the premier event that will absolutely help you take your business as well as your life to the next LEVEL!  

I am also excited to give to those who sign up now, a special 'pre-prep' gift...